Requirements Writing

Writing effective project and product requirements or Agile user stories can be challenging, but ReqAIre offers a new and unique solution. By utilizing  advanced generative AI and LLMs uniquely adopted to requirements writing, users can improve their requirements writing with ease. From improving phrasing to checking ambiguity and beyond, streamlines the requirements writing process and helps users create high-quality requirements in less time.

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Our History was founded by Jesper Adolfsson, a requirements writing and tool expert with extensive experience in automotive and industrial product development. Currently, is researching the potential of utilizing Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) and other Large Language Models (LLMs) to help users create well-defined, concise, and unambiguous requirements or agile user stories effortlessly. By leveraging the latest advancements in AI, ReqAIre aims to revolutionize the requirements writing experience, making it more efficient and effective.

ReqAIre has already developed a Minimum Viable Product/Demo (MVP/D) that integrates seamlessly with the Google Chrome web browser as a plugin which can be easily used from within leading requirements tools.

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What we do....

ReqAIre Assistant

Our revolutionizing AI assistant for improving requirements writing

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ReqAIre is not just limited to improving requirements writing. We are also researching other use cases, such as auto-generated acceptance criteria and test case generation.

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Stay tuned for progress updates, coming soon.

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